Multi-Ethnic Business Association

AHANA is a Spokane based non-profit organization that supports and promotes Inland Northwest multi-ethnic and multi-cultural businesses and their communities.


AHANA was formed in 1998 as a trusted organization to support and engage multi-ethnic and multi-cultural business owners and working professionals. The organization addressed business needs and provided solutions for those businesses to become successful in the Inland Northwest.

AHANA went dormant in 2009 and in 2018, a small group of original AHANA members began meeting to reboot the organization. The new AHANA board re-established its state non-profit status under the name Multi-Ethnic Business Association (MEBA) and is doing business as AHANA because of the strong name awareness it has in Spokane.

The needs faced by multi-ethnic and multi-cultural (MEMC) businesses have not changed since 1998. Today, AHANA continues to work on the following issues MEMC businesses face:

  • Lack of information and resources and mentors for MEMC businesses
  • Lack of capital
  • Lack of business management experience and knowledge
  • Lack of business marketing, financial experience and knowledge
  • Lack of connection and access to business and contracting opportunities

Services Provided

Economic and Site Development

  • Economic Development

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting
  • Forming a Business


  • One-on-One Counseling (Specialty)
  • Peer Mentoring (Specialty)

Networking and Associations

  • Demographically Based
  • Geographically Based
  • Home Based
  • Economic Development
  • Small and Microbusiness/General (Specialty)

Nonprofit Development

  • Interpretation Services

Public Policy and Government Relations

  • Asian-American Business
  • Black/African-American Business
  • Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Business
  • Microbusiness Advocacy
  • Native-American Business

Regulatory Compliance

  • Certification

Starting a Business

  • Business Technical Assistance (Specialty)
  • Business Training
  • Forming a Business
  • Home-Based Business Training
  • Startup Business Counseling
  • Startup Classes
Contact Information
Marvo Reguindin
101 W. Cataldo Ste 303
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 747-4930 Ext: 2001