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Interested in creating a nonprofit organization in Washington State? Perhaps you are seeking support to learn better ways of operating your nonprofit, increasing your funding, helping your board of directors or managing volunteers.  Creating or managing a nonprofit allows you to apply for grants, pursue a social mission, and make a difference.  Although these corporations have many of the same characteristic of a business they operate differently.

In Washington State we are fortunate to have several nonprofit resources provider that provide valuable support, training, resources and technical assistance to support nonprofit organizations do their best work.  Below are organizations that specialize in helping nonprofit leaders interested in creating nonprofits get started and support those that are already on their way to success.  These organizations also help with advocacy and internal support for nonprofit organizations.


Social Purpose Corporations 

Many entrepreneurs want to create businesses that do good and make a profit!

Social Purpose Corporations were created by the legislature in 2012 as a corporate entity under Title 23B of the Washington Business Corporation Act, the social purpose corporation.  A social purpose corporation is a for-profit corporation “organized to carry out its business purpose… in a manner intended to promote positive short-term or long-term effects of, or minimize adverse short-term or long-term effects of, the corporation’s activities upon any or all of (1) the corporation’s employees, suppliers or customers; (2) the local, state, national or world community; or (3) the environment.”