Marketing to Drive Profits

Waist up rear view of adult male fishery business owner with flannel button down shirt and bib overalls who is catching and holding clipboard×6

Marketing, Research and Planning

Completing basic research – like market research – can save time, money and a lot of trouble.  The most successful businesses:

  • Deliver the service or manufacture the product – research production options using business databases
  • Know who you compete with – research using business databases and talk with competitors in other cities
  • Understand whether your product is unique or proprietary – research patent filings

Master Your Understanding of Your Market

  • Find people who are willing to pay for your product or service (there have to be enough of them to make it worth your while). Learn from them.  Think about feedback as a valuable gift that helps you make your product or service better. Test your product or service and keep refining the quality – this will pay off!
  • Research market potential using census data and demographic databases (libraries in WA are an excellent resource for information)

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