Hiring and Managing Employees

Cropped portrait of a female coffee shop owner working in her small business
iStock.com/Jeff Bergen

The decision to hire your first employees is a big one.  When your company begins to grow there is too much work and the decision to hire becomes very real.  Sometimes these decisions are made without thoughtful attention to what your business really needs or the kind of skills that are needed beyond what you can provide.   New employees play a vital role in making sure you are not only meeting the needs of your customers but are also handling the requirements of your business.  Understanding your systems and tracking each step of your operations will help you know what type of employee you need and when to hire them.

Consider working with your local WorkSource office. They have staff available to support you in finding the right employee. They also provide training and support along the way. There are also resources like SharedWork where employers can have flexibility in bringing on employees with limited hours and receive partial unemployment benefits.  

Adding employees is often the only way a company can grow beyond the scope of its owner. Bringing together a team for your business can be challenging. Attracting and retaining good employees is key to business success. These resources can help:

Find Resource Partners that provide guidance on issues related to hiring employees by searching the Evergreen BizLink Resource Navigator.

Consult with the Washington State Department of Revenue for important information for hiring new employees as well as links to state agencies like the Department of Labor & Industries and the Employment Security Department  that will help you with your tax rates and other information around sick leave and paid family leave requirements.