Boards and Advisors

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Outside oversight and input becomes increasingly vital as a company grows. Official boards of directors are required for several business structures.  Read and follow your corporate requirements for the board of directors.

Unofficial advisory boards can provide important connections and ideas to drive business expansion.  Some business owners develop connections with mentors, peer groups and round-tables that can offer valuable insight and contacts for businesses seeking to become stable or to grow their business.

Here are some helpful articles:

Finding and engaging informal advisors is a delicate process.  You will want to enroll business leaders whom you admire and who will offer candid and vital perspectives as you grow.  Reaching out to potential advisors, maintaining connections, following up on their recommendations and keeping communications open will all bring you closer to a strong advisory board, whether official or unofficial.

Have you considered starting a nonprofit? Check out this link for resources that support nonprofits in Washington State. The configuration and definition of your Board of Directors will be defined by your Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.